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1. Enter New Tyre Information and click 'Add'

2. Configure tyre: set the location for the new tyre. The tyre turns green once set. Red means that the tyre isn't configured.

3. Repeat the steps 1 - 2 until all tyres have been configured.

4. Wear level of tyres may be added manually. The timestamp is generated automatically.

5. Watch the historical graphs of the tyre pressures via the "Watch Tyre histories / wear levels" -link. Zoomable Highcharts are provided with CVS output.

Offcode's ADG42 handles the data reporting from the vehicle.

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Tyre Configuration Center

L1 R1 L2-1 L2-2 R2-1 R2-2 L3-1 L3-2 R3-1 R3-2 L1 R1 L2-1 L2-2 R2-1 R2-2 L3-1 L3-2 R3-1 R3-2 Sorry, your browser does not support inline SVG.

Enter New Tyre Information:

Tyre Serial NumberManufacturerSize
Add Tyre:

List of Existing Tyres:

Tyre SerialTyre ManufacturerTyre Size
{{ x.Tyreid }} {{ x.Manufacturer }} {{ x.Size }}

Configure Tyres:

Configure Tyre as:

Current Configuration:

Tyre LocationTyre Serial Code
{{ x.Location }} {{ x.Tyreid }}

Not configured.

Add Alarm Contact Information:

Add Contact:

Current Alarm Contact Information:

Phone NumberEmailName
{{ x.Phone }} {{ x.Email }} {{ x.Name }}
No Contacts.

Wear Level of Existing Tyres:

Add numeric wear level info. Timestamp is put automatically.
Tyre SerialTyre ManufacturerTyre SizeLocationAdd wear level information
{{ x.Tyreid }} {{ x.Manufacturer }} {{ x.Size }} {{ getConfigName(x.Tyreid) }}

Watch Tyre histories / wear levels

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