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Tyre Monitoring made easy.


All tyre pressure and temperature values are reported to the cloud

Tyre characteristics are shown in real-time

Historical data can be seen on the graphs

System pinpoints all problems, also typos and thinkos if present with the configuration

Firebase is used as the cloud backend - which is powered by Google

Offcode's ADG42 handles the data reporting from the vehicle

This is a sample only!

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Simple steps to build an automated tyre monitoring system with cloud support.

The first step is to configure your tyres. After that, you're ready to watch what happes - in real-time. It's possible to change the alarm limits on the web UI.

1. Configure

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Configure the tyres with ease. Just add your tires and attach them to the correct location. The rest is handled automatically.

2. Watch

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Watch your data with the Monitoring Center in real-time. If the tyre pressures go beyond the limits the system will send an SMS or email to the registered recipients.