Privacy policy for the SelfAd app

This app broadcasts a link to your Facebook profile picture as well as your first name. Anybody in the broadcasting range will be able to pick the link to your FB picture. Yet, anybody in the range will be able to see your first name. Advertising is public without any encryption efforts.

This broadcasting is based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The broadcasting range varies due to a number of factors: whether walls or obstacles will attenuate the signal or not; if line-of-sight is experienced etc. The range should not exceed one kilometer. In real life, the range may be at most a few hundred meters. The range is shorter if the Low Power mode setting is used.

This app stores a link to your FB profile picture and your first name into your device, so that if FB login is not possible, the last known link may be used for advertising. This makes it possible for you to advertise your profile even if the data network is down. This app sends also the same info on Google's url shortener service using secure https protocol. The short form URL is advertised as the URL size is very limited on broadcasting via BLE.