HTML to image

Convert web pages to images with functionality

Turn any page into an image or series of images - while most hyperlinks are still kept in place magically!

Website URL The URL address from which the images are created
Delay Delay in seconds - some pages do not look good instantly

We take any web page and turn it into an image (or series of images) but still attempt to preserve the HTML functionalities. We plan to keep all the functionality in place. Right now, that's not the case (this is work in progress). Most hyperlinks are still there!

With media rich pages, it's often times far faster for your browser to display an image of the page rather than construct the page the usual way. Actually, this was we should be saving a lot of energy! As the page is already 'rendered', there's no need for the million+ clients to render the page again in the traditional way. Drawing an image on screen doesn't require much - but drawing a web page properly is complicated.

We try to achieve the same amount of data as is in the original content. This is quite true especially with the internet 'newspapers'. In other words, it shouldn't take much more room as an image and sometimes it may take even less data.

Flash clips and similar animations go still currently. There's absolutely no animations on a static image. It simplifies the power management a lot.

It should be possible to make very simple and 'bugless' browsers - as there's no need for anything so complicated seen in today's browsers. 'immediateNet' will be a key in making very simple and fast mobile browsers for the future. Well, not to mention simple mobile phones.

The immediateNet technology suits well for the broadcast media, such as the internet news services. But for accessing personal mail, or otherwise dynamic content, as well as text-only pages, the 'immediateNet' doesn't fit so well.

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